Meet Kapil

  • Taking risks in business is a sign of a true entrepreneur but Kapil Pathare has been a daredevil having ventured into skydiving, scuba diving and biking. Not to forget he has also written a bestseller. His motto is plain and simple - Live every day as if it’s your last. No wonder, his enigmatic personality attracts people and the limelight wherever he goes.
  • He believes that just like professional goals, every individual should have personal goals and pursue any passion in life. Break the routine. After all, life was never meant to be orderly.

Did you Know ?


    Kapil was a trained Kathak dancer in school.


    Loved to participate in fancy dress competitions.

    Pilot Cap

    Wanted to be a pilot but today is a high flying entrepreneur.

    Shivaji Cap

    Once while playing Shivaji on stage in school he was unable to remove the sword on stage.


    Loves the movie Iqbal and the message of the film.

What The World Says

  • “A great friend! Whose always been there, who cares, not just about his business, his passion of bike riding, his cricket, travel… but also for his people! May this spirit just become bigger and bigger!RJ Archana L.Pania
    Radiocity 91.1 Radio Jockey, Anchor
  • “ His favourite shot is the straight drive and he talks also straight from his heart with perfect timing and control”Abey Kuruvilla
    former Indian Bowler
  • “Kapil, with a name like that you expect him to be a cricket aficionado, a multifaceted all-rounder and he is living up to the expectation every time. A corporate entrepreneur spreading joy with his passion, coming straight from his heart a true all-rounder who makes an impact.”Akhil Chaturvedi
    Director - Provogue (India) Ltd

Kapil's Books

  • Entrepreneurship is in our thought, and we exercise this in cricket right from our childhood.
    Goes gully cricket, that most of us have indulged in, the base of our adaptation and provide us with strategic background? What learning do the different formates of Cricket contribute to the overall strategic development in business.
  • A Tall Order is an account of a golden era in Indian cricket. A galaxy of stars descended on the cricket field, shone like never before and left us with everlasting memories. Each of these men brought laurels to India in their unique ways.
    The author, Kapil Pathare, is an avid fan and cricket connoisseur. He has compiled this book as a tribute to 10 men who were unarguably, the demigods of Indian cricket.


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