A book is your best visiting card.

  • He has penned his success story not just by his sheer corporate skills but quite literally as an established author. His first book was ideated on a cricket pitch when he saw the Indian cricket team in a huddle.
  • That one moment sparked an idea in him. He thought what if cricket and management can be interlinked. After all, cricket is more of a mind game and strategy sport. If one draws the right strategies from cricket, they can be used on the corporate pitch as well. More so, for budding entrepreneurs, start-ups and women in the corporate world who did not watch cricket but were really good at their management skills.
  • When you dont see quarterly or annual reports in his hands, chances are that Kapil will be going through the latest non-fiction collection or reading books on management.
  • Writing is a stress buster and helps Kapil to evolve not only as a writer but also as a social networker and commentator. He spends hours at a stretch to write and also dreams occasionally about the content in his book.